Rihanna Takes Her Lingerie Game To A Whole Other Level With New Savage x Fenty Photos For Valentine’s Day

Rihanna Takes Her Lingerie Game To A Whole Other Level With New Savage x Fenty Photos For Valentine’s Day
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Rihanna has decided to make jaws drop in a sexy white creation that is part of her Savage x Fenty lingerie line.

The photos shared by the brand features the singer and mogul wearing white panties and matching bras.

The singer is surrounded by a large wedding veil and rollers in her hair. Fans find the singer looks stunning, but they still want her album.

One backer shared: "If Rihanna doesn’t spot playing dress up and release a damn album already. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Lol. Riri slays always!!!!"

This supporter wrote: "Approximately a year ago, I bought my first SavageX bra during Zalando's sale. Today the latest VIP box arrived, and every new piece seems to be comfier. From time to time, all other brands leave my closet to make space for your new pieces. I absolutely love the styles, product quality, and the message you send out. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to feel sexy and dress accordingly. Keep doing what you're doing. 💖"

Meanwhile, a source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed Rihanna's Valentine’s Day plan after her split from Hassan Jameel.

The person in the know shared: “Rihanna is perfectly happy doing her own thing on Valentine’s Day this year, and it’s really just like any other day to her. If anything, she’s using this opportunity to make the day about promoting and selling her Savage x Fenty lingerie line to help women boost their confidence and feel good about themselves.”

The insider went on to explain: “Rihanna doesn’t need a man to be happy. She’s been having fun since the breakup, going out and just having a good time. She is a true believer that God has a plan for everything, and she knows that things work out how they’re supposed to.”

The person went on to reveal: :This Valentine’s Day is a Friday to Robyn. She is perfectly content with it being a very chill day. She doesn’t want to put any stress on it because she is having a good time being single and doing what she wants to do, whether that is spending time with friends, working on music, or her other ventures. And when it comes to her going on future dates, she is doing it all on her own terms because that is the person she is, she plays by her own rules. She doesn’t need a day like Valentine’s Day to tell her how she should feel or how she should approach it. She’s good!”

RiRi is making more money moves.

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