Rihanna Shows Off Her Gorgeous Figure In New Fenty Campaign — Breaks The Internet Again

Rihanna Shows Off Her Gorgeous Figure In New Fenty Campaign — Breaks The Internet Again
Credit: Source: Savage x Fent/Instagram

Rihanna is going viral on Friday after sharing new photos from her Savage x Fenty line where she is modeling bright yellow lingerie. Rihanna didn't post the photos on her official Instagram account, but they are on the official Savage x Fenty and fans are resharing the pictures that see Rihanna showing off her gorgeous figure. The new set features the Lovelace bra that is available in the colors Pink Pout and Fuji Apple Green. The items are selling out fast and the official SavageX site is even running a sale on the garments.

Rihanna wore the lingerie in Fuji Apple Green and posed in several pictures where she stood outside and showcased her curves. A fan video showed Rihanna posing with her long hair flowing down her back as she moved from side to side giving a better view of the undergarments.

You may see the video featuring Rihanna in the Lovelace bra and panties set below.

One item that sold out quickly is the Lovelace open back, crotchless bikini bottoms. Rihanna modeled them over another pair of panties. A photo of Rihanna wearing the two pairs of panties has more than 300,000 likes and the promotional method worked. Now, other celebrities are showing up modeling the same Fenty garments, and demand for the items has skyrocketed.

Rihanna stood with her back to the camera and turned her head to the side as she cast her gaze downwards.

Rihanna shared another, similar photo only this time she angled herself to the side and looked over her shoulder at the camera. Rihanna is known for her flawless figure and gorgeous curves and ever time she posts photos of herself putting her body on display she breaks the Internet. You may see some more photos from times Rihanna went viral for flaunting her figure here .

What do you think about Rihanna's latest photos for the Lovelace bra and panty Savage x Fenty set?

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