Rihanna Shares New Lingerie Pics After She Reunited With Hassan Jameel

Rihanna Shares New Lingerie Pics After She Reunited With Hassan Jameel
Source: bet.com

It was already reported that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were spotted on a dinner date despite their split. More than that, it looks like Rihanna's ex, Chris Brown is crushed after the news surfaced because it seems that he was hoping to get back together with her after rumors claimed that she's single again.

‘Chris is crushed, he had no idea that Rihanna was still dealing with Hassan. He fully believed that they were over and done for good, so it is a real blow to find out that they were out for a romantic dinner. Chris is taking it really hard because he was getting his hopes up,’ an insider told the online magazine Hollywood Life.

Anyway, now Rihanna, unbothered, shares more pics while wearing items from her lingerie line on her social media account and impresses fans.

'Pull up on the holiday season like…Who’s ready for that new new dropping on Dec. 5?' she captioned one of her posts on Instagram.

Regarding Rihanna's relationship with Hassan Jameel, fans have been left guessing whether these two are together or not.

They are seen together extremely rare, and it seems that this is because they like to keep things very low key, according to insiders close to the couple.

Hollywood Life announced that they are 'so incredibly private and make sure never to get photographed together. Still, they managed to have a romantic three-hour dinner on November 26 at the singer’s favorite restaurant, Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi.'


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