Rihanna Shares Her Future Plan With Hassan Jameel -- This Video Might Not Please Chris Brown

Rihanna Shares Her Future Plan With Hassan Jameel -- This Video Might Not Please Chris Brown
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For the very first time, Rihanna has decided to let the world know how she feels about her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, and her future plans with him.

A video that features Morgan Stewart from E! News talking about Rihanna and Hassan has surfaced online.

In the clip, Morgan said the following: “Do I think Rihanna‘s worthy of somebody who has a billion dollars? Yes, I do. I think is he worthy of her is the question. I see an engagement, and I also see a baby probably. Not yet, ’cause she still wants to smoke a cigarette once in a while, but [I] definitely see an engagement and then baby in like, two years.”

Rihanna was quick to like the post -- her way of letting her fans know that she is indeed eager to get married and have children.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Rihanna gets baby fever all the time, but she is hesitant to start her family for a lot of reasons. She loves holding babies and playing with them and has always wanted to be a mom, but mostly bad timing and a busy schedule are standing in her way. She used to think she had to be married to have kids and there was a time when she was young that she thought Chris [Brown] was going to be the father to her kids.”

Fans cannot stop talking about the cigarette part. One critic said: "Won't last, she is too independent. You can't tell her anything. There’s plenty of pics of Rihanna smoking a cigarette on vacation but okaaaay. 😂😂😂"

Another person claimed: "Is he worthy of our Rih is absolutely the question 💜💜💜. Rih x Bey x Bri happiness 💜💜💜. Truly deserves everything coming to her but I think after my years of hip work and motivation we deserve an album. She does smoke cigarettes yall act like yall know Rihanna more than these industry people. 🤣"

A third commenter stated: "Rihanna is worth 300 million dollars, so she doesn't need his money and if you condone men hitting women, you are sick. Right! Lol I mean I’m ready for my girl to get married and have babies & all..... but PRIORIES @badgalriri PRIORIES! 😭😭😭Give us a bomb azz album and a great tour. 😜😩🤞🏾"

Does this mean Chris Brown still has a chance to win her back?

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