Rihanna Sends Chris Brown To Church After His Thirsty Comments About Her Pictures As She Turns Her Attention To Donald Trump

Rihanna Sends Chris Brown To Church After His Thirsty Comments About Her Pictures As She Turns Her Attention To Donald Trump
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Bad girl Rihanna has no time for Chris Brown and his thirty comments, she is on a whole other level where she is going after Donald Trump and his administration at every chance she gets.

Hours after Chris was caught creeping and making bizarre comments under her sexy lingerie pictures, Rihanna decided to get very political.

The singer and actress shared a post that was focused on the breaking news that the U.S. Border Patrol had fired tear gas at migrants crossing from Mexico.

Rihanna called the actions taken by the American government "terrorism."

She shared a screengrab from AP that read: "U.S. Border Patrol had just launched tear gas into Mexico. Breeze carrying it hundreds of yards. Parents running away with choking toddlers."

The diva captioned it: "Terrorism."

It has been confirmed that over the weekends, migrants including children attempting to cross the border between Tijuana and California were hit with tear gas.

Rihanna's post has started a heated debate.

One person weighed in saying: "I'm not talking about Honduras girl I'm talking about ALL immigrants. Obviously, you or your kid would know what is it like to live in other countries. How Everytime you step out to the street, you have to be in fear. There's so much corruption. Did you know that many of the immigrants that we're trying to cross were also refugees" in waiting" because guess what some people don't have all the time in the world?

Another commenter stated: "This exact same thing DID happen under Obama’s administration. NOBODY said a word!! Their ALL HYPOCRITES!! How many people are you taking into your home @badgalriri? I am guessing ZERO. If you don’t know what you’re talking about."

As for Chris, Rihanna did respond via her Instagram story with a Bible verse that contained an inspiring message; it read: “There may be times when it seems that you cannot go forward, but at least you do not have to go backward. You may not know how to forge ahead, but you can stand firmly on what you know of God.”

It continued with: "Instead of passively yielding to the enemy, you can say ‘This is the ground I have gained, and I’m not giving it up, devil. You are not driving me back into the hole that God pulled me out of. I am going to stand strong in the power of God until He delivers me.’”

Will Chris keep trying?

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