Rihanna Reveals She Felt Like A 'Clown' When She Wore Her 2015 Met Gala Dress

Rihanna Reveals She Felt Like A 'Clown' When She Wore Her 2015 Met Gala Dress
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Everyone has insecurities, even Rihanna. Page Six reported today that the 32-year-old pop star explained how she felt like a "clown" in her outfit at the 2015 Met Gala. Ironically, Rihanna was hailed as the best dressed that year in an outfit designed by Guo Pei, a Chinese designer.

During a new interview with Access Hollywood in promotion of her Fenty Skin line, Rihanna explained how she felt the night she walked the red carpet for the prestigious event. Rihanna said there was a lot of work that went into it.

For instance, she had to work with a choreographer to determine how she was going to get out of the car, including the person sitting at the door, where the coat would go, and where she would sit.

According to Rihanna , when she drove by the Met Gala, she saw a lot of people dressed in gowns, and she immediately began panicking. She thought to herself, "people are going to laugh at me."

The pop star said she and her team circled around the event around three times until she finally decided it was time to go. She said she doesn't regret it either. In the end, it worked out in Rihanna's benefit, cementing her status as a fashion icon and also the birth of many memes.

Rihanna joked about one meme with an egg in a frying pan. She added, "legendary, legendary." As Rihanna fans know by now, she hasn't been as active in the public eye lately as she has been working on a new product launch with her company, Fenty.

Before, Rihanna was busy releasing hit after hit in her music career, but she turned her attention to the world of fashion and skincare afterward. Earlier this year, she was in the headlines inadvertently for her connection to Drake.

The Toronto artist went down to Barbados for a vacation , however, fans online joked that he must've visited the islands in search of Rihanna, his long lost love. The rapper was also excoriated for his back tattoos. Of course, Rihanna was too busy to comment.

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