Rihanna Releases Sizzling Lingerie Photo To Promote Valentine's Day Collection: Can Hassan Jameel Handle It?

Rihanna Releases Sizzling Lingerie Photo To Promote Valentine's Day Collection: Can Hassan Jameel Handle It?
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Christmas is barely over, and Rihanna has unveiled a sizzling Valentine's Day lingerie picture, and many are saying that her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, is beyond lucky to have her.

Via social media, the singer turned makeup maven posed in a bright pink/reddish bra and nothing else.

The Barbadian singer used a long purple curtain to hide her modesty. Rihanna captioned the stunning photo shoot: "For the ❤️ of X. Get ready for @savagexfenty's Valentine's Day styles - out Jan. 9th!"

Rihanna has a group of loyal followers, who supports her in all her ventures, but many of them were happy to compliment her on her hotness and drag her for the album she has been promising them for the past year.

One person said to the diva: "Beautiful! Congrats if you're expecting...❤️Rihanna if you don’t drop music this month. I am going to join the army and leaving the Navy."

Another fan told RiRi: "So sexy RiRi, but how can you sleep peacefully knowing that you are making millions of people suffer without music? Lol. You said the year; please tell us the month babe. Please. I LOVE YOU."

This third supporter had this to tell the artist/businesswoman: "Rihanna is sexy asf is shaping to be the next billionaire and getting to multiple. 💰"

In related Rihanna news, it has been reported by Hollywood Life that she has rekindled her romance with her on-and-off billionaire beau over the holidays.

The source shared: “They have been hooking up, a few times, off and on for a while again, since before Halloween and again over Thanksgiving. Rihanna likes Hassan a lot, so it was easy for her to hook up with him again a few times over the holidays. She even thought she was in love with him before their busy schedules interfered with their passionate relationship.”

The tipster stated: “Rihanna still sees Hassan when she can, and when they do, the spark is still there. Rihanna and Hassan have amazing chemistry band she is not ready to let go of him completely.”

Some fans think Rihanna is pregnant which is why she keeps delaying her album.

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