Rihanna Mocks Fan 'Sick' And Tired Of Waiting For New Music From Her!

Rihanna Mocks Fan 'Sick' And Tired Of Waiting For New Music From Her!
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Rihanna’s fans have been waiting for some new music from her for a really long time and it looks like some of them are starting to express their frustration more and more. That being said, seeing such a fan complaining that they were ‘sick’ of waiting, the artist had a clever response!

It all started with Rihanna posting a new Fenty video on her platform of choice.

After all, it’s no secret that she’s been much more focused on her brand business than on music in the past few years.

The ad featured her as well, in her Fenty fashion line and most fans were super excited about it.

However there were also some exceptions and those were people who were hoping to see a music video from the singer, instead.

One such follower received a reply from her after they commented: ‘I’m sick of this where the album sis 😭.’

Rihanna was quick to write back: ‘I’m sick of this where the album sis 👌🏿.’

It was a very simple but effective clap back and it managed to convey that she is not concerned with what people think of her choice to take her time before dropping new music.

The star seems to prefer focusing on one project at a time and that is exactly what she has been doing.

As for the caption she included alongside the new Fenty video, it reads: ‘when y’all were asleep last night, I was interacting with my @fenty digital windows out at Bergdorf Goodman 😂! If you happen to be in NY today do a lil' drive by before it ends tonight! 754 Fifth Ave NY, NY 10019.’

Obviously, she is very passionate about her brand and puts all her time and hard work into it, even if that means giving up some sleep every now and then!

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