Rihanna Is Still Rooting For Chris Brown Amid Offset Feud

Rihanna Is Still Rooting For Chris Brown Amid Offset Feud
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Rihanna has apparently managed to leave her billion-dollar empire to share her thoughts on the childish feud that is taking place between her ex, Chris Brown, and rapper Offset.

For the past few days, Chris and Cardi B's husband have been going back and forth over a few stupid memes mocking 21 Savage.

However, the funny drama eventually escalated after Chris threatened to fight Offset for calling him out in public.

A source told Hollywood Life that despite her busy life with boyfriend Hassan Jameel, she still cares for Chris and she hopes that he would behave like a man instead of a kid.

The person explained: “She still cares about him and does not want to see him get into any trouble or fight anyone. Rih thinks it is silly that the boys are arguing online like that. She has been happy for Chris and thought that he has been doing well and has been doing a great job raising his daughter.”

According to the family friend Rihanna was praying that Chris would focus on his new love with Ammika Harris instead of getting in trouble and further ruining his already-tainted reputation.

The pal said: “But then stuff like this happens and she begins to worry about Chris again. She fears he will never change and hopes he can stay out of trouble.”

The person concluded by: “Rihanna feels bad that Chris has to continue to get involved in various beefs and issues when it should be about his amazing and one of a kind talent. She thinks he should be the biggest star in the world and people should focus on Chris Brown, the performer. The problem is Chris Brown the person continues to bring everything down to Earth for all the wrong reasons.”

Rihanna wants Chris to change his ways and start a new chapter.

The insider stated: “Rihanna would love nothing more than to see Chris get to a place where he is judged by his talent over anything else. She knows he can, and she really is looking forward to that day to be a reality soon.”

RiRi still cannot forget Chris.

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