Rihanna Is Sending Her Love To Lauren London With A Video As Tribute To Her Relationship With Nipsey Hussle

Rihanna Is Sending Her Love To Lauren London With A Video As Tribute To Her Relationship With Nipsey Hussle
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Tomorrow, April 11 will be a tough but monumental day for the hip hop community and not only. Tomorrow will mark the day when the memorial service for Nipsey Hussle takes place.

‘Join Us for the Celebration of the Life & Legacy of Nipsey Hussle – Thursday, April 11th, 2019 – Staples Center – For free tickets & additional info, please visit: Staplescenter.com/NipseyHussle,’ the post said on his official Instagram account and according to reports, the tickets were gone right away.

Various celebrities have expressed their feelings online , and so did Nipsey's parents and grandmother, along with friends.

His mother was the one who made an extremely powerful impression with the video that she shared because she had the power to comfort his fans and friends who are shattered by his death.

Her words touched everyone and gave people a ray of hope and a comforting feeling that Nip is now good and safe and he's watching over everyone.

People were really impressed by his mother's words, and some even said that he is speaking through her.

Rihanna has also been thinking about Nip and especially his girlfriend, Lauren London because she just shared a video in the memory of their relationship, sending all her love to Lauren. Here it is.

Some people did not find it appropriate for Rihanna to keep posting such things, but most of her followers sent kind words and prayers.

Someone said 'I hope to never experience this pain. Just terrible.'

Another follower posted 'Every day I say this is so terrible.. it really doesn’t get any better it’s just the same kind of terrible every day.'

One fan wrote 'Damn this just hit all over again 😢 you only get 1 in a lifetime. 💔'

One follower had this to say: 'Every time I see a pic of her looking at him it’s in complete and utter admiration. She is always looking at him full of joy to just be in his presence. I’ve never felt this type of pain for someone and their pain before.'

A supporter wrote 'I know this is the hardest & the sad part is It doesn’t get easy when he was a beautiful soul! 😢 That's why it’s hard to forget about mine. 😢I feel your pain love .. Keep your head high for him !!'

Continue to send your prayers and kind thoughts to Nip's family and friends.


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