Rihanna Is Ready To Have A Baby — With Or Without A Partner

Rihanna Is Ready To Have A Baby — With Or Without A Partner
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Rihanna is ready to have a baby and she doesn't care if she has a partner or not, according to an upcoming issue in the April 20, 2020, issue of Life & Style. The nine-time Grammy winner covers the May 2020 issue of Vogue UK and in the issue, she discusses her future plans to have children. In fact, she doesn't want to have just one child buy several! She has no issues with being a single mother so it appears that Rihanna may be taking an alternative approach to parenthood if she doesn't find the right man to settle down with. Rihanna dated Hassan Jameel for nearly three years before the relationship ended. She's been rumored to be dating ASAP Rocky, but it doesn't seem that Rihanna's plans for becoming a mother are contingent upon a man being in her life.

Life & Style shared the following to British Vogue.

"I'll have kids, three or four of 'em. [Society tries to] diminish you as a mother if there's not a dad in your kids' lives, but the only thing that matters is happiness. That's the only thing that can raise a child truly."

Rihanna wouldn't be the first woman in history to have a child without a man. Back in the early nineties, society wasn't fully sold on the idea of women having babies on their own. It was known that some mothers were single because men ran off and left them to fend for the children, it was a new concept for a self-sufficient, confident woman to purposefully have a baby on her own.

There was a huge backlash against the show Murphy Brown when the lead star (played by Candice Bergen) chose to have and keep the baby after her partner made it clear he didn't want to be involved.

Nowadays, it isn't considered a big deal or highly unusual for a woman to have a child by herself. If Rihanna even chose to be a single mother by using a sperm donor it wouldn't be looked poorly upon or viewed as scandalous as it had been in the past.

What do you think? Should Rihanna have a baby soon?

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