Rihanna Is A Perfect Woman But She Just Revealed Via This Sweet Video The One Thing She Cannot Do Even For Hassan Jameel

Rihanna Is A Perfect Woman But She Just Revealed Via This Sweet Video The One Thing She Cannot Do Even For Hassan Jameel
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Help Rihanna out, people. The diva wears many hats; she is a singer, fashion icon, movie star, and activist who is often going after Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Rihanna took to social media where she shared a stunning makeup-free video and revealed a little secret with the world -- she does not know how to wink.

Some fans laughed while others tried to help her out. A supporter stated: "Oooooook??? This the only thing she can't do. Y'all better leave the queen alone."

Another commenter shared: "My six year old can teach her. She is too cute. You don't have to wink right bae; we still love you. could I stand under yo umbrella."

This supporter offered to help out by saying: "How can a human be this perfect? The same reason I love her...my natural, simple lady. Hit me up... I got you boo."

Rihanna recently made a public appearance with Hassan Jameel in London and it is being claimed that Chris Brown is crushed by the news.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Chris is crushed, he had no idea Rihanna was still dealing with Hassan. He fully believed they were over and done for good, so it’s a real blow to find out they were out for a romantic dinner. Chris is taking it hard because he was really getting his hopes up.”

The pal said Chris wanted to reach out to Rihanna for Christmas and now his dreams are gone.

The source went on to say: “Chris was planning to make a big move for Christmas to show Rihanna how much he still cares, but there’s no way he’ll go there now that he knows she’s still got something going with Hassan.”

The insider concluded by: "Chris would make his love for Rihanna more public, but she has made it clear to him multiple times that she wants to keep her personal life on lockdown. Chris is usually very careful to follow her wishes, but there are times he slips up and does something public. He just can’t help himself. He wants the world to know there’s still a connection between them. At this point, it’s nothing but a friendship but the end game for Chris is getting Rihanna back, he won’t accept that she’s moved on and believes very strongly that one day she’ll realize they belong together.”

Rihanna has moved on with her life.

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