Rihanna - Inside Her Valentine’s Day Plans Following Her Split From Hassan Jameel

Rihanna - Inside Her Valentine’s Day Plans Following Her Split From Hassan Jameel
Credit: Source: upnewsinfo.com

Valentine’s Day is here and Rihanna is single! This also marks the first time she is not in a relationship on the holiday in the last three years or so!

That being said, fans have been curious to know how she feels about that and also, what her plans as a newly single woman are for Valentine’s Day!

As it turns out, Rihanna is not concerned about it at all.

Furthermore, it looks like she’s going to spend the day working on spreading her empire like always.

In other words, after separating from her boyfriend Hassan Jameel last month, the singer and businesswoman is going to treat February 14th just like any other normal day in the calendar.

This is what a source tells HollywoodLife, explaining that ‘Rihanna is perfectly happy doing her own thing on Valentine’s Day this year and it’s really just like any other day to her.’

Even though her romance of almost three years came to an end this winter, she has a lot more on her mind than the heartbreak.

The insider went on to dish that ‘If anything, she’s using this opportunity to make the day about promoting and selling her Savage x Fenty lingerie line to help women boost their confidence and feel good about themselves. Rihanna doesn’t need a man to be happy. She’s been having fun since the breakup, going out and just having a good time. She is a true believer that God has a plan for everything and she knows that things work out how they’re supposed to.’

Another source also told the outlet that this Valentine’s is going to be just a chill day for the superstar.

According to them, she’s been having a great time being single and just spending time with her close pals, working on new music and other businesses.

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