Rihanna Hilariously Embodies Her Fans By Asking Look-Alike Woman - 'Where The Album Sis?'

Rihanna Hilariously Embodies Her Fans By Asking Look-Alike Woman - 'Where The Album Sis?'
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A Rihanna look-alike person shared a video lip-syncing to one of her songs and the star responded with a rather playful comment that got her millions of fans amused even though it was a direct shade! As you probably know, her followers have been begging her for a long time to drop a new album after a long hiatus from the music scene while focusing on her business empire.

That being said, Rihanna took this opportunity to react to the lip-syncing video by trolling all of her fans in the best way – she teased her ‘R9’ album, again!

The clip that grabbed the artist’s attention was originally shared on TikTok and later posted on The Shade Room.

It features a woman that looks a lot like Rihanna dancing and pretending to sing while in front of an actual photo of the singer.

The uploader has her hair in braids, just like Rihanna often wears hers and at the beginning of the clip that is all people can see since she has her back turned to the camera only to then turn around and stun everyone with how much she resembles the singer!

As for Rihanna ’s cheeky comment, it looks like she just channeled her fans who always wonder ‘where the album sis?’ as that is exactly what Rihanna wrote in the comment section, making everyone laugh!

Naturally, the original posted was super happy to see that her idol had seen and even reacted to her creation so she shared a follow-up post on IG that reads: ‘I still can’t believe it !!! The page @theshaderoom shared my video on their profile and THE OWN RIHANNA @badgalriri saw my video and commented !!!! Do you know what I’m feeling right now ??? I can’t stop crying with emotion !!!! Of happiness!!!!! It is a dream!!! God is so wonderful !!!!!’

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