Rihanna Has ‘Unfinished Business’ With Drake; Was She Secretly ‘Hoping For A New Romantic Run-In’?

Rihanna Has ‘Unfinished Business’ With Drake; Was She Secretly ‘Hoping For A New Romantic Run-In’?
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Hassan Jameel might have some competition since it looks like Rihanna has some 'unfinished business' with Drake. A source confessed that she was hoping to 'have a romantic run-in' with her ex in London.

Rihanna and Drake started these rumors when they were both photographed in London on August 30 when they were partying at hot spots only a mile away from each other!



Rihanna is totally into her new flame Hassan, but it looks like the possibility of running into her ex may still give her some butterflies, according to a source.

'Rihanna has unfinished business with Drake and is hoping for another romantic run-in with him,' an insider stated.

'Rihanna feels like she left things up in the air with Drake and she can’t get over their explosive chemistry. Even though they have both pretty much moved on from whatever they had together, Rihanna still gets excited when she thinks about Drake.'

Rihanna maintained her stylish rep while stepping out for her party evening, serving up the heat only one night after Drake's outing with Demi Rose.

Drake and Rihanna haven't been linked to each other in any kind for a few months, but he managed to reignite some romance rumors when he wore socks from her collection and posted the pic on Instagram.

She still has a soft spot for her ex. 'Rihanna likes Hassan, but she can’t get Drake completely out of her system,' the source revealed.



'It took her years to move on from Chris [Brown], and now she sees the same thing happening with Drake. She always replies when Drake texts and she thinks they are far from over.'

Drake may also still have feelings for Rihanna after professing his love for her at the 2016 VMAs.

'Drake has been hitting her up via text ever since Rihanna has been spotted with Hassan' another insider had to say.

'She has a lot of love for Drake and is disappointed their relationship did not evolve into something deeper or more long-term.' Drake and RiRi made some beautiful music together, and it's amazing to see that they still respect each other after all this time.

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