Rihanna Has Intense Moment With This Famous Reality Star In Viral Photo

Rihanna Has Intense Moment With This Famous Reality Star In Viral Photo
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The Grammys always bring a lot of emotions to the table, and this time the situation was not any different. Besides the awards ceremony itself, celebrities of all kinds were gathering for the obligatory parties, cocktail events, and brunches that usually accompany the awards season.

However, the biggest surprise for many turned out to be Rihanna's appearance at the Roc Nation Brunch, especially since the "What's My Name" performer has limited her going out to social events to the bare minimum, amid her dedication to developing her fashion brand and makeup companies.

The 31-year-old Fenty creator was having a good time at the brunch, and she spent a while chatting with everyone around before she reportedly bumped into the Love and Hip Hop star, Chrissy Lampkin.

The meeting between the two celebrities did not go very well, and according to a video clip that was taken at the time, it seems that there might be a beef forming between Rihanna and Lampkin.

In the short footage, Rihanna and Chrissy could be seen standing in front of each other, with the "Rude Boy" singer looking menacingly at the 48-year-old reality television actress while holding her arms crossed in a hostile manner.

The two of them exchanged a couple of words, which could not be heard. Still, many viewers have the theory that Rihanna was yelling at Chrissy for something, and others stated that she even said, "I don't f*ck with that," even though the subject of their conversation remains unknown.

Following the release of the video clip online, numerous theories about the mysterious conversation have appeared, and fans of the celebrities have been debating what was going on.

One fan had this theory: "Chrissy; Ri where tf is the album b4 I do you like Kimbella
Rihanna; yeah, Ight."

Another commenter claimed: "Rih looking at that mole 😂😂tryna see if that mf just moved or if she is tripping."

This supporter explained: “Bihhh doesn’t come over here with the bullsh**; I don’t want Jimmy”😹😹“Girl! You broke up with a BILLIONAIRE”!!!"

Another social media user wrote: "Chrissy: So RiRi bae, when is the album dropping? Rihanna: Really? Are we going to that RIGHT NOW? Man in the back: (Chrissy pooh, wrong time!)"

Rihanna likes to be left alone.

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