Rihanna Goes After Chris Brown Over His 'Nice Hair' Comment While Kelly Rowland Gets Dragged For Supporting Him

Rihanna Goes After Chris Brown Over His 'Nice Hair' Comment While Kelly Rowland Gets Dragged For Supporting Him
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By the looks of things, Rihanna is coming for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who physically abused her in 2009 while Kelly Rowland is backing him.

Chris has been in some serious trouble in the past few days over song lyrics where he claims that he will only be in a relationship with women with nice hair.

Chris spoke about his "preference" on the Lil Wayne & Joyner Lucas-featured song, “Need A Stack," from his Indigo album.

The father of one is getting mercilessly dragged on social media for being colorist, and he decided to defend himself by further insulting black women with a list of degrading posts where he called them "uglies" and told them he will give them free lace front wigs.

The backlash prompted Chris to write this: "Don't let people twist your meanings when it's meant to show love. And a ni*ga ain't finna jump through hoops to satisfy anyone ego or movement!! I been a ni*ga all my life!!! Stop playing like I'm out here Uncle Tomming and discrediting beauty."

Rihanna penned a message and used a dark skin emoji to make her point:

One fan said: "Used the darkest emoji🤷🏿‍♀️ I see what you did there. FACTS. Be selective with your energy. I only want to be around people bringing value and good energy in 2019 and FOREVER."

A second follower added: "Wait? Is she single now? That dude best not have messed up 🤬
See how she used the dark skin emoji!? Shots at Chris 🤣🤣💀 Ima needs for BLACK women to give Chris Brown the same energy all of you give Cyn Santana. Because it’s negros like Chris Brown that make girls say the things they say about BLACK women So comfortably. 👏🏾"

A third commenter stated: "Rih is so private. I doubt this would ever be about her relationship. Notice she used the dark skin emoji instead of the light skin emoji.😂🤷🏾‍♀️ Rihanna said she black no matter what shade she is lol.i can respect the fashion/ makeup mogul Rihanna over the music Rihanna any day... all of you want celebrities to stay in one place, and all of you never want them to expand."

This fourth follower added: "Come on now, all of you know Rih well enough to know that this could mean something or absolutely nothing. Why are all of you bringing up Chris?I highly doubt she was speaking on him
She’s mastered the arts of diversion and privacy. Don’t even try."

Meanwhile, Kelly is getting dragged for writing, "Chris, we love you" in the middle of the drama.


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  • tisonia Kaigler
    tisonia Kaigler Jul 11, 2019 9:49 AM PDT

    Well, stop supporting ppl that don't respect you or your love ones. If you agree with him rock with him. If you don't stop supporting him like you did R Kelly. Don't steam, listen or follow him on nothing. No matter how your hair looks even if you happen to be his type(brainless) he has probably insulted a lot of you love ones and I go hard for all mines idk about you. I tryed to support him and I am not in his era but I have finally fell off the band wagon. Idk If Kelly is supportive of his behavior but maybe she is saying we (dark skin girls including herself) are the ones that love you. You know some believe you can't fight fire with fire. Then its those of us that have live in California lol. I think Chris has a self problem and until he addresses that he is not capable of respecting anyone. Y'all this mental illness is real.

  • Beatrice Blanshaw
    Beatrice Blanshaw Jul 10, 2019 3:49 PM PDT

    As far as Chris Brown is concerned, who cares, what he likes. I'm 61 and dark skin black women, I love my color and its never stop me from getting a man. Men like Mr Brown have been doing this to women for as long as I can remember. And women your your no better either. If you find someone, who love you and respect you, then your a winner.

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