Rihanna Gives Queen Elizabeth II A Makeover To Remember Despite Haters!

Rihanna Gives Queen Elizabeth II A Makeover To Remember Despite Haters!
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It may be Photoshop but it cannot be denied that Rihanna’s fashion sense and love for Queen Elizabeth isn’t there!

The Queen has just turned 91 years old and the singer wanted to give her a special makeover!

Riri took to social media to share a brand new and transformed Queen Elizabeth II wearing clothes clearly inspired by the artist’s own fashion sense.

Rihanna’s heart-shaped fur became her signature look last year but now, the Queen proved she could bring a little elegance and royalty even to such an outfit.

Obviously, it was all a joke and perhaps some people didn’t take it as they should but Rihanna didn’t care! She even shared a pic of her “bestie” wearing the same sparkly outfit she wore to Coachella. #twinziez

The caption of the original post should have featured lyrics from Gucci Mane’s “Both” but the words may be a little too raunchy for the Queen!

This following look was inspired by Rihanna’s infamous Paper photo shoot. You can barely recognize the royal!

It is safe to say that some followers did not appreciate Rihanna’s witty tribute to the Queen of England but without a doubt it was very memorable!

We should at least be glad that the images are Photoshopped because if the singer would’ve been allowed to actually style the Queen for her 91st birthday, the royal family would’ve died of shame!

However, we are certain that at such a respectable age and after celebrating 90 birthdays, you run out of ideas how to make your big day interesting! Rihanna styling the Queen would’ve been very fun for both of them!

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  • Gabby
    Gabby Apr 26, 2017 7:46 AM PDT

    whoever doesn't have a good eye knows all this is Photoshop due to the fact that the Queen does not have any tattoos (not to mention the discoloring of the skin) and they didn't do a good job.

  • Mrs Wendy Gloria
    Mrs Wendy Gloria Apr 26, 2017 5:07 AM PDT

    I am disgusted with there disguising doctored photos! I am not a Royal lover or hater but this is really out of order!!!

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