Rihanna Flaunts Her Slimmed-Down Body In Subtle Ways Via New Photos -- Some Fans Are Already Complaining She Is Too Thin

Rihanna Flaunts Her Slimmed-Down Body In Subtle Ways Via New Photos -- Some Fans Are Already Complaining She Is Too Thin
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Rihanna has been losing weight fast over the last few months, and she has been doing an excellent job at it too and is happily flaunting her new figure.

At a recent event where paparazzi surrounded her, Rihanna could be seen tugging at her jeans, implying that they are a little too wide for her already.

It was not clear if Rihanna was intentionally trying to draw attention to her weight loss, or if that was a subconscious move because she is feeling uncomfortable with her jeans right now. Still, it certainly attracted a lot of attention from her.

And as can be expected, paparazzi were quick to snap multiple shots of the singer and businesswoman in her sexy outfit, which made their way online fast.

Many fans of Rihanna rapidly noted her changed looks, and it seems like there has been some divide in her community regarding her new appearance.

Some seem happy with the way the singer has been treating her body, while others are more concerned with the situation, claiming that she is looking too slim.

The girlfriend of Saudi billionaire businessman Hassan Jameel certainly does not seem to mind where she is at, though, as she has put a lot of effort to get there in the first place.

The diva is a known fashionista, and she has never let her fans down in this regard through the years.

Supporters are saying hopefully she will manage to maintain her healthy figure in the coming months as well, and will not push herself too far in the weight loss direction.

A source told Hollywood Life that Rihanna has been hitting the gym and added: “Rihanna has been back in the gym very consistently for the past year, but she hasn’t been focused at all on weight loss, it’s been about building up her strength and stamina before her next album drops and all the craziness that will come with. She has been doing everything from strength training with weights to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and Pilates. Rihanna loves having curves, so it’s not about cutting calories or even getting on the scale; she’s working to tighten and tone, but more than anything, it’s for her overall health.”

RiRi is always winning.

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