Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Her Own Father For Exploiting Her Name For His Company's Gain

Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Her Own Father For Exploiting Her Name For His Company's Gain
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The singer decided to file a lawsuit against her own dad, Ronald Fenty as well as his business partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, ET reports. Here’s why!

According to court docs obtained by the news outlet, Rihanna claims that her father and Perkins ‘have egregiously and fraudulently misrepresented to third parties and the public’ the fact that their company, Fenty Entertainment, is also affiliated with the famous singer and that it also has the authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf!

That being said, Rihanna alleges that the two men have attempted to obtain millions of dollars from third parties precisely under that claim that they have been authorized to act on the daughter’s behalf.

They would also promise that Rihanna would then perform at all sorts of locations all over the world in exchange for the money solicited.

Apparently, Rihanna’s dad and his partner tried to book her for no less than 15 shows in Latin America without her consent back in December of 2017 only.

And that’s not all! The daughter claims that they also attempted to trademark the word ‘Fenty’ in order to open a line of boutique hotels without any success, however.

The star has supposedly asked them on many occasions to stop trying to ‘exploit her name and goodwill associated with the Fenty brand.’

Despite this, they have continued to do so anyway.

The court documents read: ‘This conduct is consistent with a pattern and practice of fraud, including unauthorized attempts to negotiate and enter into services agreements on Rihanna's behalf and without her consent.’

‘Plaintiffs bring the current lawsuit to protect Rihanna's name, reputation, and privacy, to recover damages for Defendants' wrongdoing, and also to enjoin Defendants from further defrauding other unsuspecting members of the public.’

Rihanna wants the court to prohibit her father and the other man from using Fenty or any other terms that can be confused with her name in order to sell or promote any services and goods.

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