Rihanna Drops Her Skin Care Line And Explains That New Music Is Still On Hold

Rihanna Drops Her Skin Care Line And Explains That New Music Is Still On Hold
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Rihanna 's fans have been asking their queen when she will drop some new music and she pretty much avoided the subject. But now, she opened up and talked about her passions, saying that new music has to wait a bit longer.

She also said that people have to understand that getting new music out is not that easy and a lot has to be done for this to happen - a lot goes on behind the scenes and people don't always understand this.

But she did say that she'll be dropping something sooner than people are expecting.

Someone commented: 'She is going to drop a Fenty Jingle. You ain’t slick Riri,' and one other follower said: 'girl if you don’t wanna make music anymore, just say that.'

One other follower posted this message: 'She so fine I believe all the lies,' and another commenter said: 'It’s too early for you to be playing with our feelings like this sis.'

Someone else said: 'You can’t rush perfection. Take ya time baby. Just not too much time. I’m tied,' and one fan posted this: 'Y’all need to leave that lady alone. She busy getting bands and changing the world.'

Another commenter wrote: 'She said fk the music right now. The world needs her!! Y’all worried about music and she’s trying to do her part for humanity smh.'

One follower said: 'I can wait. I need some new Rihanna music in my life,' and a fan posted this: 'Her skincare has fragrance in it. EACH product. And witch hazel. So for those with sensitive to hypersensitive skin, this may not be a smart purchase for you.'

Someone else defended her and said: 'Leave her alone !! She is clearly happy with being in the beauty industry. I feel like her heart not there anymore and thats okay!'


A commenter wrote: 'Sis has lied to me too many times about this music & my heart just CAN’T anymore. Y’all lemme know if something drops.'

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