Rihanna Covers Elle Magazine Ahead Of Her Beauty Line Launch

Rihanna Covers Elle Magazine Ahead Of Her Beauty Line Launch

Rihanna does what she wants - she takes her time and navigates her stardom in precisely the manner that suits her.

She's music and fashion's bad gal with a heart of gold that hasn't seemed to make a misstep in her sprawling career. She is notorious for her catchy tunes that always do exceptionally well on the charts and she's a fashion maven that can pull off any look she tackles.

With a fashion designing credit under her belt, she's moving onto the world of beauty with the release of Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna covers the October issue of Elle magazine and the interview is a treat as some of her famous friends are the ones doing the question asking.

Famous magician, David Copperfield, asked her at what point in her life she would time travel to if she could, to which she answered: “ten minutes before I lost my virginity.” A very specific answer.

Fenty Beauty is already receiving rave reviews from the masses based on marketing and advertising alone.

A video teaser was dropped for the makeup line which included women of various shades and sizes donning fresh faced looks. Rihanna, herself, even made an appearance at the end of the 60-second snippet looking as radiant as ever.


For years, many people have speculated about whether Rihanna would dip her toe into the beauty or skin care pool. With her stunning looks, she always seemed like a shoe-in for that type of marketability. It seems the stars finally aligned just right because Fenty Beauty is on its way.

The price points for the products were already released and they are comparable to many of the high-end makeup products often found at retailers like Sephora.

With so much anticipation and hype surrounding her brand and this launch, the products will likely sell out in various places.

An ode to the gaps in the beauty market that have received recent scrutiny, Fenty Beauty has a wide assortment of shades, over 40 for its foundation. This alleviates certain skin tones, predominately dark tones, from being underrepresented.

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