Rihanna 'Breast Implants' Speculation Is Wrong

Rihanna 'Breast Implants' Speculation Is Wrong
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Rihanna hasn't gotten breast implants despite a new webloid report that wrongly speculates that she has undergone cosmetic enhancements. Gossip Cop was the one that spotted the false news.

Rihanna just launched her Fenty Beauty line this Thursday night , and it happened at an event in New York City where she posed on the red carpet wearing a shirt that accentuated her chest.



MediaTakeOut site published an article with the ridiculous headline, 'Rihanna Shows Off Her NEW BODY… She Got GIANT NEW BREAST IMPLANTS!'

The unreliable site insists saying that 'There are reports that Rih underwent breast augmentation,' but has no proof to back up this assertion.

Instead, the outlet posted an old photo in which the singer’s breasts appear smaller, alongside a handful of images from Thursday’s event, where her boobs looked slightly bigger.



The only true thing is that the singer is a few pounds heavier in the new crop of photos, and this explains why her bust would be somewhat larger.

Gossip Cop stated that it talked with a source very close to Rihanna to see if the rumors are true and the insider assures everyone that she didn't have a boob job.

The same publication spent years and years wrongly insisting that Rihanna is pregnant. The outlet just recently stated that she is expecting a baby with Hassan Jameel. Of course, this is not the case. Among others, the same outlet tried to impregnate the singer with Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Harry's children as well!

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