Rihanna Avoids Drake At Nightclub As Friends Urge Her To Delete Him Completely

Rihanna Avoids Drake At Nightclub As Friends Urge Her To Delete Him Completely

Rihanna has understood that she has a good thing with billionaire Hassan Jameel and is doing all she can to avoid Drake.

According to reports that surfaced online over the weekend, Rihanna still has a soft spot for the Canadian star.

The Young Money rapper was kind and sweet to RiRi, and she is a bit sad things did not work out between them.

Last week, the Barbadian singer went to a party with her friends at a well-known London club, and to her surprise, Drake was there.

It was not easy, but she avoided Drake because having any contact with him could make her weak for him again.

A friend of Rihanna shared: "Rihanna has unfinished business with Drake and is hoping for another romantic run-in with him. Rihanna feels like she left things up in the air with Drake and she cannot get over their explosive chemistry. Even though they have both pretty much moved on from whatever they had together, Rihanna still gets excited when she thinks about Drake.”

Drake is not helping either. Since he discovered the photos of Rihanna sharing a passionate kiss with the wealthy man, he has been calling her constantly hoping to rekindle the flames of love.

The chatty pal told a publication: “Rihanna really likes Hassan, but she cannot get Drake completely out of her system. It took her years to move on from Chris [Brown], and now she sees the same thing happening with Drake. Rih always replies when Drake texts and she thinks they are far from over.”

Friends are telling Rihanna to delete Drake from her phone and her life.

Another source claimed: “She has a lot of love for Drake and is disappointed their relationship did not evolve into something deeper or more long-term.”

The person concluded: “He misses her so, for now, all he can do is rock her socks. Rihanna feels it is obvious to her that Drake is getting a bit jealous. She finds it funny that Drake is enjoying a longer relationship with her socks than he did with her. Rihanna does not appreciate being teased about what didn’t work out between them.”

The "Rude Boy" singer's love life is not always easy to follow.

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