Rihanna And Meek Mill Are Hurt By Drake & Nicki Minaj Dating Reports - Are They Planning A Diss Track As Revenge?

Rihanna And Meek Mill Are Hurt By Drake & Nicki Minaj Dating Reports - Are They Planning A Diss Track As Revenge?
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Boy, this is getting complicated. After rumors had surfaced claiming that Drake and Nicki Minaj are dating, their exes - Rihanna and Meek Mill - decided to make their thoughts known.

Not many people will be surprised to learn that the Barbadian singer and the rapper are shocked and angry at the alleged new romance.

However, what baffled many music lovers is the news that Mill is so upset that he is rushing to release a diss track where he will slam the Young Money stars.

A source spoke to a well-known entertainment website and explained that the father of one is planning to releas what he calls a revenge song and has reached out to Rihanna to feature on it.

A friend of the rapper stated: “Meek is plotting serious revenge, writing diss lyrics and has even reached out to Rihanna for a collaboration that he wants to go down immediately.”

The person said they do not know if Rihanna will accept to attach her name to such a controversial song.

But on the other hand, a scandal-filled track could be a monster hit for Mill and RiRi.

The snitch went to reveal that Mill is particularly furious that Minaj decided to hook up with his nemesis after he went on live radio and declared his love for her.

The individual familiar with the situation said: “He straight up said that breaking up with Nicki was a huge loss.The fact that she is hooking up with Drake is only making things worse, so he is definitely going to do something about it.”

Meanwhile, a pro-Rihanna source stated that the news hurt her.

The "Rude Boy" singer is finished with Drake but was saddened to see her former friend, Minaj, with her ex.

The person claimed: “Things did not end well when she and Drake broke up last year. She still has strong feelings over it. Seeing him with Nicki hurts, but she always felt like he was obsessed with her. Their connection comes as no surprise to Rihanna.”

The "Work" diva believes Drake will break Minaj's heart, and the romance will not last.

The tipster told the publication: “She has no plans to get back together with Drake. As far as she is concerned, Nicki can have him. In fact, she thinks they should go ahead and make it official.”

The rumors of Drake and Nicki Minaj dating surfaced after the pair was caught getting cozy in a Miami club.

A source close to the artists said: “Things are working between Drake and Nicki cause they each are managing their expectations of the other, so there is no pressure from either side."

Another pal claimed Minaj is just playing around with the media.

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  • Nuki Franceska Fantroy
    Nuki Franceska Fantroy Aug 5, 2017 6:57 AM PDT

    Yuck!!!! It ain't no secret that Nicki done slept with the whole squad!!!!! And Drake done fu##ed everything raw... including Porno Stars!!!! All of it sounds nasty!!!!! Nicki thirsty for Loyalty!!! I bet she already slept with him....and just want him to be obsessed with her! Smh

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen Aug 5, 2017 2:22 AM PDT

    Why would Rhianna give a ratsa$$ about anybody dating Drake? Who really cares? I stop caring anyways about Nicki not wanna be involved with my long time crush NAS.

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