Rihanna And Her Ex Drake Reunite And Source Reveals How Her BF Hassan Jameel Feels About It!

Rihanna And Her Ex Drake Reunite And Source Reveals How Her BF Hassan Jameel Feels About It!
Credit: Source: lifeandstylemag.com

Rihanna was in attendance at her former boyfriend, Drake’s birthday bash and fans were shocked by the turn of events! As you may know, the rapper celebrated his 33rd birthday surrounded by his closest friends and loved ones but no one expected Rihanna to be there given their history!

Furthermore, the singer looked sultry and seductive in a gold jumpsuit.

After learning about her being there, fans started to wonder how her current man, Hassan Jameel, felt about it.

That being said, one source dished all about it to HollywoodLife!

‘Rihanna is really confident in her romance with Hassan and she loves that he's such a supportive boyfriend and has no issue whatsoever with her spending time with Drake or any of her exes on a friendly level,’ the insider shared with the news outlet.

They went on to say that ‘Rihanna is in such a great place with Hassan right now and she is at a point in her life where she does not want to hold on to past grudges or negative feelings that she may have had about any her exes. She's in a healthy, happy relationship and she is just focused on her music, relationship, and a positive outlook on all aspects of life. Rihanna has made amends with Drake and Chris Brown and is really loving the fact that she is in a good place with both of them.’

That’s great to hear! They say trust is the foundation of any good relationship!

Furthermore, making peace with her ex can only be a good thing for Rihanna’s mental health and happiness in general since holding grudges can be really damaging.

Do you think Hassan has anything to worry about after she showed up at Drake's birthday bash or not?

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