Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Back Together - Here's Why They Can't Stay Away!

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Back Together - Here's Why They Can't Stay Away!
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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are back together after they split not too long ago! It looks like the two just can’t stay away from one another. As fans know, the two were spotted during a romantic date a couple of days ago which led everyone to believe that they decided to rekindle their on again, off again romance.

Now, one insider shared with HollywoodLife why Rihanna and Hassan just can’t put a definite end to their love.

‘Rihanna likes Hassan a lot, so it was easy for her to hook up with him again a few times over the holidays. She even thought that she was in love with him before both of their busy schedules interfered with their relationship. Rihanna still sees him when she can, and when they do, the spark's still there.’

The source went on to say that that they have some great chemistry together and the singer is unable to give that up at this point.

The news of their reunion was reportedly a huge disappointment for Chris Brown who was hoping he would get a chance with Riri.

The man was, says another source, ‘crushed’ to realize Rihanna was seeing her ex again.

He had really gotten his hopes up after they started to be in contact again.

The Daily Mail was the first outlet to report that Rihanna and Hassan spent some time together at her favorite restaurant for the first time in months.

One eyewitness told the publication that they were ‘surrounded by some bodyguards and they entered the restaurant’s private room through its back door, before spending 3 hours at dinner.’

But HollywoodLife’s insider claims that they are not serious again just yet and that for now, they are just ‘hooking up.’

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