Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Are Talking About Marriage And Money Is Not A Problem

Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Are Talking About Marriage And Money Is Not A Problem
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Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, are said to be in love and might be rushing down the aisle.

According to a source, the pop star and the business mogul have been dating for about three months.

The lovers had plans to keep the romance a secret because Rihanna did not like the way the media scrutinized the relationships she had with Drake and Chris Brown.

However, a group of paparazzi spotted them in a Spanish villa sharing a private moment, and the pictures made headlines.

A family friend spoke to Life & Style and said that that the romance is moving very fast and they are having serious conversations about a wedding and starting a family.

But before they pick the wedding date and the venue - they need to agree on a prenup.

Rihanna is said to have a net worth of $230 million, while Jameel is the heir to a billion dollar business.

The spy shared: “Everything is moving so fast, but right now the priority is working out their individual assets with their attorneys in order to write up an ironclad contract.”

The insider went on to reveal that the couple has come up with a simple prenup - each party keeps their assets.

The tipster went on to tell the magazine: “They are crazy about each other, but they both know that a prenup is a good idea. Both parties agree that what they bring into the marriage, financially speaking, is what they will leave with.”

Rihanna and Jameel are frustrated by the way American and European photographers follow them and have decided to get married in a secluded area.

They have come to the conclusion that their birth places - Barbados or Saudi Arabia - would be ideal for a lavish ceremony.

The snitch went on to confess: “They want to exchange vows to be special to who they are and where they come from, which means Barbados for her and Saudi Arabia for him, probably in Riyadh. Having two weddings is a big possibility.”

According to the publication, Rihanna and the business mogul are aiming for the wedding of the century because money is certainly not an issue.

The spy concluded: “They obviously aren’t concerned about money. What they both want is to be in a gorgeous location, surrounded by family and friends. They cannot wait to get married.”

Rihanna's very talkative father, Ronald Fenty, confirmed the romance and revealed the piece of advice he gave his future son-in-law.

Fenty shared: “She told me she had a new boyfriend. But, I did not know who he was. He is going to have to buckle up because Rihanna is very independent and ambitious. Nobody can tell her what to do.”

Is Jameel the one for Rihanna? Or do you think she will go back to Drake like she has done time and time again?

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