Rihanna And Beyonce Keep Making History -- Here Is Why They Are In A League Of Their Own

Rihanna And Beyonce Keep Making History -- Here Is Why They Are In A League Of Their Own
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It is no secret that Rihanna and Beyonce are popular and enjoying a lot of success in their careers, but a recently -published fresh ranking by Forbes seems to paint the situation in an even more fantastic light.

According to the recent revelation, the two are among the highest-paid women in music right now and are earning quite a lot more than many of their colleagues, even some of similar levels of fame.

This could be explained in various ways, but the most commonly brought up factor is that both Rihanna and Beyonce seem to have a very good idea about their worth as musicians and buinesswomen, and have been doing a good job marketing themselves in this regard.

And that is not too far from the truth either, as it is been known for a while that the two are very proactive in their careers and have been putting some serious effort into staying relevant.

While Taylor Swift is highest-paid woman, Beyonce brought in $81 million thanks to her On The Run II stadium tour with husband Jay-Z.

The mother of three also cashed in with her Homecoming live album and Netflix special. A for Rihanna, she made $62 million thanks to her Fenty Beauty.

Other big names on the list included Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Shakira, who was at the bottom with $35 million.

However, some have pointed out that her low position on the list is still important for her career.

Many are baffled as to why others like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B who have been much more prominently featured lately are still not present on the big list.

Some performers in the industry seem to have the right idea when it comes to maximizing their earning potential, and Rihanna and Beyonce definitely seem to be among them.

Here is the list:

Taylor Swift. Earnings: $185 million.
Beyoncé Earnings: $81 million.
Rihanna. Earnings: $62 million.
Katy Perry. Earnings: $57.5 million.
P! nk. ...
Ariana Grande. Earnings: $48 million.
Jennifer Lopez. Earnings: $43 million. ...
Lady Gaga. Earnings: $39.5 million.

Expect Jay's ladies to continue to cash in with the various business ventures launched this year.

Beyonce will be dropping new films as for Rihanna, she has plans to unveil an album and other beauty products.

The list shows that the new generation will have to work harder to earn their spot in the big league.

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