Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Have 'Natural Chemistry' Source Says - Their Love Is 'Sincere And Real!'

Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Have 'Natural Chemistry' Source Says - Their Love Is 'Sincere And Real!'
Credit: Source: nme.com

Their love needs no effort since they have such natural chemistry! With that being said, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are still going strong!

The two have been spending some quality time in Miami together since they went there for the Rolling Loud music festival.

One source shared via HollywoodLife that they have been inseparable on the trip and are having the time of their lives!

'They have been having a great time in Miami going out late and enjoying the scene. She loves it there and it is one of her favorite cities to travel to and she goes a lot. She likes the nightlife and the relaxed vibe. Rihanna and ASAP have quietly been staying together everywhere they go. She is the one wanting to keep her whereabouts private,' the source dished, stressing that Rihanna is really determined to keep their romance as private as possible.

'She is a very quiet, private and shy person so it is not a surprise. She is a very soft and kind individual and ASAP seems that way with her,' the same source went on to note.

While there have been romance rumors for many years since the two are longtime friends and collaborators, they only crossed that line into dating during the COVID-19 pandemic last year when they went on a road trip together!

Since then, they have been spotted out together, looking in love, multiple times.

Furthermore, he's gushed over her in interviews as well, declaring that Rihanna is 'the one' and even discussing baby plans!


The source shared that Rihanna, while a bit more private, 'looks more in love than ever and he is very sweet and tender with her. They are always touching when they are together and it looks like they have natural chemistry. It seems sincere and real and both smile every time they see each other.'

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