Ricky Martin Has Sued His Nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez For $20 Million

Ricky Martin Has Sued His Nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez For $20 Million
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According to documents provided by NYP, Ricky Martin sued Dennis Yadiel Sanchez , his 21-year-old nephew, for $20 million after the man accused the musician of sexual abuse.

The 50-year-old "Livin' La Vida" singer's lawsuit was filed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to TMZ, which broke the story first. Martin alleges that Sanchez started messaging him on Instagram a month after he dropped his court injunction against the pop star and threatened to murder his character and integrity if he didn't pay up.

Martin asserts in his lawsuit that Sanchez, whom he saw as a misfit, boasted about being his nephew and messaged him up to ten times per day for a four-month period.

Additionally, the ex-Menudo member claims that Sanchez created an Instagram profile for one of his kids and publicized his phone number online, which alarmed the father of four children.

According to the lawsuit, Martin claims he lost out on potential business prospects and is seeking $20 million in compensation. The musician further claims that because of Sanchez's alleged behavior, he and his family feel frightened in Puerto Rico. He and his family have four children together: Valentino and Matteo, both 14; Lucia and Renn, all 3.

Martin's representative did not respond to Page Six's request for comment right away. Martin provided an explanation for why he did not respond to Sanchez's claims of incestuous relationships when they initially surfaced in a video that Page Six was able to get back in July.

Regardless of the fact that his team vigorously refuted the untrue and made-up charges at the time.

Martin, who was clad in a tuxedo and tie, said on the video, "I was not permitted to explain myself before two weeks as a result of following procedure, where the law... required me to not speak until I was in front of the judge."

Martin's attorneys informed Page Six that the claimant testified to the court that he dismissed the case on his own initiative, free from outside external pressure or influence and that he was pleased with his legal counsel.


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