Ricky Martin Has Denied Sexual Relations With His Nephew; Has A Hearing In Puerto Rico Later This Month

Ricky Martin Has Denied Sexual Relations With His Nephew; Has A Hearing In Puerto Rico Later This Month

Ricky Martin is a famous Puerto Rican singer and actor. He's known as someone who has a wide range in his music as he's put out pop music and also salsa music. His music is very special to his fans and they adore him always. He's also known as an amazing actor.

Recently, Ricky Martin has been under some heat as allegations of incest have come upon him. His nephew has put forth allegations that he was romantically and sexually involved with him. However, Ricky Martin himself has denied these allegations.

Ricky Martin's lawyer, Marty Singer, states that the nephew who has made these allegations struggles with mental health issues. He states that Ricky Martin has never had any kind of inappropriate relations with the nephew and that the whole prospect is bizarre and disgusting.

The lawyer also stated that he wished the nephew would get help for his issues. He also said that they know that this case will be dismissed earlier because of the facts they will present in front of the judge.

Ricky Martin has been given a temporary restraining order in the last few weeks. The affair, according to the nephew, was around seven months long during which he faced a lot of violence. A hearing date has been set for 21st July after which it will be determined whether he is guilty or not.

If the charges are true, he could be facing up to 50 years of jail time. Ricky Martin is already facing a $3 million lawsuit from his on-again-off-again manager Rebecca Drucker over some unpaid commissions.


The recent allegations against Ricky Martin have surprised the world. Fans of the singer would never have imagined he would be blamed for something like this. Fans have been defencing Ricky Martin ever since the news has come out and are supporting their hero. The end of the case will only be determined after the jury has decided. Until then, it is unsure whether Ricky Martin is guilty or not. Fans are choosing to believe that he is in the clear and has not done anything wrong to his nephew.

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