Ricki Lake Reveals Longer, New Hairstyle After Shaving Her Head

Ricki Lake Reveals Longer, New Hairstyle After Shaving Her Head
Credit: Source: Ricki Lake/Instagram

Ricki Lake shocked everyone when in January 2020, she unveiled a photo of herself with a shaved head. She also bared herself to the world when she made it clear that she had suffered from hair loss for years. Now, Ricki is providing an update, and though she revealed that she has been using a product to regrow her hair with successful results, she showed off her new length and hair color. Ricki's hair grew back in beautiful shades of gray and now she has a full head of thick, silver hair.

Sharing the update, Ricki Lake stated the following.

Hi friends! So, it’s been just over a year since I decided to take matters into my own hands and shave my head after struggling silently with hair loss for almost 30 years.  I had to be set free of the debilitating pain and shame. Well, 12 months later I am thrilled to share with the world what I used to get my hair back to its healthiest ever.

Not only has Ricki's hair grown back beautifully, but she has regained her confidence. She has also found love and is in a relationship with Ross Burningham and has shared multiple photos of herself with Ross as she appears radiant with her natural, healthy hair.

Interest in how Ricki regrew her hair is at a peak and fortunately, Ricki shared the products that she used.

Ricki stated.

First off, I never expected my hair to even recover so when I met Lars
@harklinikken, I was skeptical.  His topical extract has been a game-changer for me. You should know, I have never publicly endorsed a product.  My hope is that I am able to help others struggling, as I did for far too long.  This journey has been such a gift for me, I finally truly love my hair, and more importantly love myself unconditionally from the inside out.

You may see a video of Ricki Lake as she spoke to Extra about her hair journey in the player below.

Here is a close-up shot of Ricki Lake with her head full of thick, beautiful silver hair.

Source: Ricki Lake/Instagram


What do you think about Ricki Lake's hair journey and her decision to shave her head? Do you like her new hairstyle and color?

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