Rick Ross Reveals His Next Record Is Coming Out Soon

Rick Ross Reveals His Next Record Is Coming Out Soon
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Rick Ross recently dropped a brand new single with Finn Matthews, "Pinned to the Cross," and now, fans are wondering when he'll release a full-length album. On his Instagram Story this week, Ross claimed he was going to reveal a new project sometime very soon.

Rick said, "my new album.....that's on the way." The rap-star claims the title of his next record is "Richer Than I've Ever Been." According to Ross, while the album title appears to be in reference to his wealth, it's actually related to something a wise old man had said to him.

During a conversation with a "very, very wise old person," Ross explained, he realized something crucial about his life and the nature of life itself. Hot New Hip Hop says that Rick Ross ' new song, "Pinned to the Cross," is spiritual in theme, and that's what the title refers too.

At this point in his career, Rick already has enough money to coast and never work again if he doesn't want too, however, the iconic musical legend intends on continuing to release new projects, money or not.

Rick was in the headlines again this week when he and Kanye West met up to talk about what he's been up to lately. As most know, Kanye has been all over the media reports for his presidential run and social media posts.

Kanye put his mother-in-law and wife on blast, claiming they wanted to fly down to Wyoming to lock him up. Hot New Hip Hop claims Rick Ross is just one producer who isn't happy with the Ye artist lately, and he wanted clarification on some key points if they're going to move forward as friends.

Reportedly, there are rumors that Kanye will appear on Rick's next record as well. Rick has had his own controversial situations this month, including his recent legal win against 50 Cent, his long-term rival.

Hip-hop fans know Rick and 50 Cent have been at each other's throats for what seems like years. In a report from earlier this year, Rick reportedly said before the judge that Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 Cent, really didn't like him on a personal level.

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