Rick Ross Reportedly Calls Out Tekashi 69 With 'Homophobic Slur'

Rick Ross Reportedly Calls Out Tekashi 69 With 'Homophobic Slur'
Source: bet.com

Rick Ross just made it pretty clear that he cannot stand Tekashi 69. No one knows where this distaste of him comes from because Tekashi has never addressed the man.

Page Six reported that Ross used a homophobic slur in the process of dissing the young rapper.

Ross was featured on 'What’s Free,' which is a track on Meek Mill’s just-released album 'Championships,' in which he taunts the much younger Brooklyn artist.

At the end of his verse, Ross raps, 'Screaming ‘gang gang,’ now you wanna rap / Racketeering charges caught him on a tap / Lookin’ for a bond, lawyers wanna tax / Purple hair got them f—-ts on your back.'

The first two lines definitely seem to be a reference to Tekashi who just got arrested recently along with five other people on federal racketeering charges. This happened on November 18th.

After a few days since Tekashi got arrested, his lawyer spoke and said that the young rapper is not a gang member and he only used this image in order to promote and sell his music.

Tekashi's album was leaked online during the past weekend, and after that, it also got officially released as well.

Only 12 hours after the album was released Ross 'tweaked one of the verse’s lines in a tweet, writing, “‘Screaming gang gang, now you wanna rat’ ?”' Page Six writes.

At the moment, Tekashi is still in jail, and he could be faced with tens of years in prison or even life if he gets convicted.

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