Rick Ross Consoles Nate Robinson After Jake Paul Beats Him In Boxing Match

Rick Ross Consoles Nate Robinson After Jake Paul Beats Him In Boxing Match
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Earlier this weekend, Nate Robinson, the former NBA player, and Jake Paul got into a boxing match and the ex-basketball player actually lost, shocking many viewers and fans. Hot New Hip Hop says Nate lost in a boxing match against the YouTuber, Jake Paul, and it has become one of the most embarrassing moments for the old baller.

According to the outlet, Nate's defeat has spread to the far corners of social media, with many famous people commenting on it, including the likes of Rick Ross , and Jim Jones, just to name a few. Ross reportedly had to make sure that Nate was alright before he could laugh at it.


He could be heard saying in the video, "now, we know he alright, we can enjoy the entertainment." Even though a lot of people made fun of Nate for the match, Rick offered some words of positivity and encouragement instead.

Ross said that he was going to head out and grab a Nate Robinson jersey to wear and add it to his collection. The rapper and music mogul went on to insinuate that it was unfair for the world to be coming down on Nate for the loss.

He added, "that's my dawg, man," and "they pickin' on the man." Reportedly, Rick also likes to promote WingStop, which is a restaurant that sells chicken wings. Ross promoted the brand and recommended him to grab a fifty-piece bucket to enjoy the rest of the day.

Ross finished off his post by saying that Nate did the right thing because, at the end of the day, he managed to get himself a check. As it was previously reported, Jake Paul and Nate faced off in a boxing match which the former won.


The Paul brothers, including his brother, Logan, have been a lot more active in the sports world lately. Logan came out recently and said that he would have no problem at all taking down Floyd Mayweather in a street fight if he ran into him. Logan admitted, however, that Floyd would "obviously" have an advantage in the boxing ring.

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