Richard Pryor's Daughter Rain Is Running For City Council In Baltimore

Richard Pryor's Daughter Rain Is Running For City Council In Baltimore
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According to a report from, on the 16th of July, Rain Pryor Vane had a very special 50th birthday party, as she announced she was running for 2020 Baltimore City Council as a Democrat.

Reported first by The Baltimore Sun, the daughter of the legendary stand-up comedian decided to run against Ryan Dorsey after finding an issue in the way in which he addressed the concern of his constituents over crime in the city.

Rain said Mr. Dorsey's way of dealing with crime in the northeast part of Baltimore was kind of like, "my way or the highway." This past Thursday, following the news of Nichelle J. Henson and Pryor filing seats as Democrats, Dorsey welcomed both with open arms, despite political differences.

Near the ending of 2017, Pryor expressed concern over how the school administrators wanted to deal with her daughter being bullied in the school. Her daughter's unfortunate predicament played a crucial role in her decision to get involved in politics.

Pryor said on her Twitter account that she hopes to listen to the people who have lived in Baltimore for many years. Rain, who was born in Los Angeles, decided to move to the city to avoid the Hollywood lifestyle, which she has previously described as "craziness."

For the most part, Rain has managed to avoid the entertainment industry altogether, although, she has made a few appearances in film and television, and has performed as a stand-up comedian as well.

Recently, Rain actually came out to dispell rumors of a possible sexual relationship with her father, Richard, and Marlon Brando. According to a report from, around forty-eight hours following the Quincy Jones interview with Vulture, in which he made the allegation, Rain came out to say his stories of their romantic involvement weren't true.

In the same interview, Quincy accused The Beatles of not having any real talent, and Marlon Brando of "f*cking anything" that moves.

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