Richard Gere Is A Hustler! - A Look At Richard's Mindset And New Movie

Richard Gere Is A Hustler! - A Look At Richard's Mindset And New Movie

Richard Gere opened up to Town And Country Magazine about his past as a hungry and ambitious young man living in New York. The famous actor moved to the Big Apple when he was 20-years-old, and his past as a hard working man helped him prepare for his new movie, Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer .

In the new drama film, the Golden Globe Winner, 67-years-old, portrays a young man by the name of Norman Oppenheimer who becomes close to a young politician and future Prime Minister of Israel.

Gere said one of the reasons he chose the role was the fact that he related to the title character on a fundamental level.

The actor said, "it helps that I moved to New York when I was 20."

Richard said everyone who goes to New York is ambitious and ready to work hard. The Pretty Woman star explained the people who move to the Big Apple are figuring out who they are as individuals and they're coming to terms with what they have to do to be successful.

A person has to decide what they want to do and then figure out what choices to make to get there.

Gere reckoned he liked Norman's optimistic persona.

"People treat him very badly, but he doesn't hold a grudge. If I was treated that way I'd be destroyed."

The actor went on to explain that he really respects the character in the film because of his will to move forward despite overwhelming circumstances.

The famous actor had to undergo a physical transformation for the film. The director, Joseph Cedar, thought Richard was way too handsome to portray a struggling outcast in his film. Gere said the director became "obsessed" with altering his great looks.

The director brought a talented makeup artist to come up with a device that would force his ears to stick out awkwardly.

Richard remarked, "it changed my look enough that it just clicked for the character."

Norman will hit theaters on April 14th.

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