Rich The Kid Dies? - The Confusing Multiple Stories Behind His 'R.I.P. Rich The Kid' Post

Rich The Kid Dies? - The Confusing Multiple Stories Behind His 'R.I.P. Rich The Kid' Post
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One shocking post sparked rumors that the rapper had passed. Both Rich the Kid and his manager have finally addressed the message, and yet, everyone is still confused.

But first, this needs some background for those who had no idea there was a scary post floating around social media that in the meantime has been deleted.

The Instagram post read: ‘R.I.P. Rich the Kid.’ Not only that but there are no more pictures on his Instagram either!

Soon enough people started freaking out! Was the rapper really dead? What happened?

Fortunately, his manager at least assured the fans that he is alive and well and that the message was referring to the fact that he has decided to change his stage name!

Just before the scary tweet, Rich posted a clip that slammed 300 Entertainment: 'Yo, f–k 300 ENT, ya’ll suck. Listen, you got tolet me out of this contract. I do not want to be with ya’ll no f**king more. I told ya’ll … giving the money back. I do not want to be with ya’ll label no more. Ya’ll suck, ya’ll trash. Listen, young, independent artists, don't sign with 300 ENT. They are the worst, worst label, ever… Lame a** sh*t.’

But that was not all! HollywoodLife included two updates on their original reporting that make it very clear there are some inconsistencies in the very weird story.

After the manager claimed it was a grim way to announce the name change, Rich took to the platform to claim that someone hacked his account and was blackmailing him!

Most recently, the star posted: ‘I’m alive I was real high last night sorry I love y’all.’ What is going on? Hopefully, the truth will come out soon enough.

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