RHOP's Katie Rost Not Likely Returning For Fifth Season -- Slams Production Company Behind The Show

RHOP's Katie Rost Not Likely Returning For Fifth Season -- Slams Production Company Behind The Show
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Real Housewives of Potomac season four is winding down and gearing up to show viewers the reunion show for the explosive installment. There will be one important personality missing from the couch discussion with Andy Cohen: Katie Rost.

She wasn't asked to join the reunion show after she called out the production company for editing the scenes to make it look a conversation with Michael Darby and Monique Samuel's cousin was actually a conversation between Michael and the cameraman that accused him of sexual assault.

Fans have loved her as a friend of the show during the recent episodes and she was asked whether she'd be back for the next season.

She responded to one follower: 'I'm producing a movie and working on other projects, can't see the benefit in working for people who are as shady as Truly Original Productions would never allow them in my home after seeing what they have done unless they changed their policies and practices. Faking footage that implies a sexual assault occurred is offensive and jumps the shark. Bravo should fire them.'


Andy Cohen recently apologized for the discrepancy on Watch What Happens Live: 'I want to first start with a correction. On last Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live , we aired the Potomac unseen footage. We mistakenly attributed a quote to the cameraman, when in fact, there was no attribution made when the episode originally aired in its entirety. We sincerely apologize for that error.'

Meanwhile, Rost claims that RHOP also refused to show what was going on in her life while she was filming. The model has behaved erratically and put forth a disheveled appearance in the episodes currently airing.

At the time, she was going through a nasty custody battle against her ex who was not allowing her to see her children.

It is unknown what the status between Katie and her former husband but she is engaged to her current boyfriend of six months.

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