RHOP: Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Addressing Those Rumors That He's Faking His Reunion With Gizelle Bryant For A Storyline

RHOP: Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Addressing Those Rumors That He's Faking His Reunion With Gizelle Bryant For A Storyline
Credit: Source: Bravo

The new season of Real Housewives of Potomac will display two big storylines. The drama between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard and the reunion between Gizelle Bryant and her ex-husband Jamal Bryant.

It has been said that Gizelle needed a storyline so she reunited with the pastor and certain reports even went as far as to say that she's paying him money while he uses her for exposure to make his megachurch even more popular.

The couple has decided to mock the gossip and sported matching shirts that said 'The Plot' and 'The Storyline.'

Jamal posted a photo of them alongside a caption that read: ' Y’all better stop reading those blogs!! 😂😳tell @gizellebryant I need that money. LOL Headed to teach class on the principles of CO parenting. Know your role...flip the script! Don’t do it for the gram! Don’t treat life like a show it’ll impact your family’s reality!'

A RHOP fan page reposted the pastor's message on Instagram and fans chimed in.

Most seemed to believe that a reunion between the two was likely simply because they have three daughters together.

'I would think that 2 responsible parents wouldn’t “pretend to be together” for the sake of a showing knowing how that confusion could affect their kids. Them doing this for a storyline is fake news,' one commented.

Another added: 'They have three babies together they already have to be part of each other’s lives so it’s not far fetched they could get back together.'


This fan pointed out: 'Well....gizelle story line so far is her being the bone carrier so yes he helps with it but they were also married before so it’s probably genuine.'

There were a few who think that the two are more so in cahoots than in love.

'Entry/CDAN said she paid him 100k to fake it because producers said you don’t have anything going on. Also Jamal is supposedly living with Malaysia from basketball wives. It also said Juan is cheating still,' a follower wrote.

While this commentator stated: 'Strictly for a storyline, Atlanta streets are shady but rarely are they wrong and they’re SCREAMING that Pastor Playa is smashing one of the Basketball Wives.'

What do you believe?


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