RHOP: Monique Samuels Releases 'Drag Queens' - Acknowledges The Fun Shade In The Song

RHOP: Monique Samuels Releases 'Drag Queens' - Acknowledges The Fun Shade In The Song
Credit: Source: E! Online

Monique Samuels' first scene on Real Housewives of Potomac includes her talking about how she was a musician back in the day -- she even busted out in a freestyle. The mother of three has not abandoned her first love, quarantine has made her revisit it.

Monique recently released a song called Drag Queens along with a lyric video. The catchy tune definitely puts her rap skills on display and is one of the most professional sounding tunes released by a Bravolebrity.

In case you haven't seen the new supreme Housewives franchise, Monique's most iconic line was delivered last season when she told her co-star that she will 'drag' her -- pregnant and all.

Now, the reality star has used the play on words to slay a beat. She recently interviewed about how the song has proved to be a therapeutic experience for her.

She explained to E! News: 'It was a lot that happened last season and this is pretty much me just reclaiming my power back and reminding myself of who I am, and although, you know, I'm not perfect never claimed to be. I just needed a way to reassure myself that, you know, everything will be fine. And then this song was kind of my way of just letting everything go, getting everything that I felt off of my chest.'

Samuels describes the song as 'fun, uplifting [and] a little shady.' Monique recognized that before releasing the track, she consulted with a drag queen to make sure she isn't appropriating queer culture.

The world-famous Beyonce impersonator named Riley Knoxx gave Monique, whose stage name is Hazel, a stamp of approval.

'When I did this song, I got her feedback, and just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be like stepping on any toes or coming off in a way that is, you know, negative, and she absolutely loved it.'

What do you think of Monique's new hit?


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