RHONY Sonja Morgan Fans Upset About Century 21 Filing For Bankruptcy After She Launches Her Clothing Line In Stores

RHONY Sonja Morgan Fans Upset About Century 21 Filing For Bankruptcy After She Launches Her Clothing Line In Stores
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One of the highlights of Real Housewives of New York this season was Sonja Morgan finally launching her clothing line at Century 21. Unfortunately, the store has been a casualty of COVID-19.

Century 21 revealed that they would be filing for bankruptcy and closing all of their stores.

After working to find something she was great at and working hard for years, you can imagine that Sonja is devastated by the news that the store that sells her clothing line is shutting its doors for good. She has had the clothing line since 2014 but distributing the items in stores took her business to another level.

She recently spoke on the news and explained why it was even more saddening for her.

'I found a family there and a home for my collection. All these years I was looking for the right place.'

What really upset her was that she was also hired to help other people.

'I was going to be Chief Lifestyle Officer taking people on shopping sprees. Helping people who have gone through a hard time before the pandemic. I was going to be helping people at this point in my life — that’s what I was looking forward to. It was going to be soul food to make me feel better on a day-to-day level. It was not just about raising millions. I was just going to go on a day-to-day level with Century 21, and help people with a $500 shopping spree,' she explained to Page Six.

After a Real Housewives fan page reposted the news, viewers commented about how disappointed they were for Sonja.

'That’s sucks. She finally found a legitimate biz and this happens. Her line looked really well done too,' one person wrote.

' Sonja can’t catch a break,' another added.

This person wrote: 'That sucks :/ I wish her to find a new backer ASAP.'

Another Instagram user took an optimistic approach: 'You will be able to do this when things turn around. It’s a setback and you are not a quitter so just have to ride this thru then you can regroup. Just need to find a new retailer for your collection. Keep the faith and stay focused. I enjoy seeing your beautiful self happy.'

What store do you think Sonja should sell her clothes in next?

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