RHONY: Kelly Bensimon Unleashes Some Shocking Accusations At Bethenny Frankel In New Interview

RHONY: Kelly Bensimon Unleashes Some Shocking Accusations At Bethenny Frankel In New Interview
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Former The Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon is unleashing some outrageous and shocking accusations at Bethenny Frankel in a new interview.

RadarOnline obtained excerpts from Bensimon's appearance on the podcast, Out in the Wild . She is dishing some major dirt about her former cast member and one that does not paint the Skinny Girl mogul in a good light.

There is no love lost between these two ladies, and now Bensimon is saying Frankel put fame before her baby while pregnant with her daughter Bryn.

"She was pregnant this entire time and was having serious issues with her unborn child, Bryn, and she's flying back and forth pretending to film with her dying father in L.A., but really just filming in the car and never saw him," the 51-year-old said before claiming that Frankel would not have cared if she had a miscarriage.

Those are some heavy accusations, even to say about your number one enemy. Bensimon did not stop there either. She went on to talk about the episodes they filmed in St. Johns, titled Scary Island, and how she was less than thrilled to be working with her nemesis.

"She was having serious, serious, serious complications and I just didn't understand why we were there filming and why she was even there in St. John," claimed the former model.

Besides the allegations that Frankel was more concerned with making a name for herself than her unborn child, the RHONY alum also shared the former talk show host continually exaggerated her celebrity status.

The Bikini Book author recalls getting a massage in St. John when her masseuse said there was a big famous Hollywood movie star staying at the hotel. When Bensimon asked who it was, the answer was "Bethenny Frankel." It is safe to say she may be a reality T.V. star, but Frankel is by no means a Hollywood movie star.

Kelly Bensimon is dishing all about her nemesis Bethenny Frankel in a new interview. The allegation that Frankel cared more about fame than her daughter Bryn is pretty harsh, but Bensimon stands by her word. Fans can hear that story and more about her dislike of her former costar on the podcast.

Frankel has yet to respond to any of the remarks made, but she is not one to sit and let people talk about her. Therefore, it is likely she will be hitting back at Bensimon's accusations soon.


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