RHONY Fans Want Ramona Singer And Mario Singer Back Together

RHONY Fans Want Ramona Singer And Mario Singer Back Together
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During her first few seasons of Real Housewives of New York City, star Ramona Singer seemed to be happily married to her husband Mario, and she often talked about her perfect marriage on RHONY. But, all of that came to an end when Ramona filed for divorce in 2014 after she discovered her husband of 21 years had cheated on her. To the surprise of many fans, the former couple remained friendly despite their split, and Mario even appeared on RHONY twice during Season 11. Does this mean that Ramona and Mario could be getting back together?

In a recent RHONY episode, Ramona confessed to LuAnn de Lesseps that it was emotional for her to see Mario when they were in Florida. Ramona, Mario, and their daughter Avery all went out to dinner, and when she talked to her ex afterward she says he told her that he had messed things up in their marriage, and he missed his family.

However, when de Lesseps asked Ramona if she would consider getting back together with Mario, she said it wasn’t going to happen because they are different people now.

“I don’t think Mario and I will get back together, but what we had was really special,” Ramona said through tears. “But, it’s good to be on nice terms with him.”

Executive producer Andy Cohen recently shared his opinion on Ramona and Mario’s relationship during an interview with Vulture . He said that all he wants is for Ramona to be happy, and he agreed that Ramona is much different since her divorce.

Cohen explained that Ramona used to very demanding, but they had a “come to Jesus” meeting after she split from Mario. Cohen says Ramona went to his office for a “little sit-down,” and he doesn’t know how it happened, but she has become calmer and more delightful to deal with.

For fans who are wondering why Ramona is getting along so well with Mario, she told The Daily Dish that she believes it is important for women “not to harbor ill will towards their exes.” She says no matter what they do to you, you have to get rid of the negative energy and forgive - especially if you share a child.

Ramona Singer says she and Mario are now in a good place.

New episodes of Real Housewives of New York City air Thursday night on Bravo.


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