RHONJ's Kim D On How Teresa Giudice Met Boy Toy Blake And Reveals Melissa Gorga Is The Best Liar She Has Ever Met

RHONJ's Kim D On How Teresa Giudice Met Boy Toy Blake And Reveals Melissa Gorga Is The Best Liar She Has Ever Met
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Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey know Kim DePaola (aka Kim D) as a friend of the show who loves to stir up trouble. And recently, the 57-year-old boutique owner appeared on The Domenick Nati Show to spill some RHONJ secrets.

This past week, Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe , was finally released from prison after serving a 41-month prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud. But, instead of going home to his wife and daughters, the Bureau of Prisons released him into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because a judge has ordered that he be deported to his native Italy.

Juicy Joe has appealed that ruling and is currently being held at a federal detention center until he gets a decision on his appeal. Kim D says that she believes Joe will end up in Italy when this is all said and done.

“Yes, I do think that Joe will be deported. I like Joe Giudice, he was always respectful of me. I think he was a very good father, much better father to the children than - I know people aren’t gonna like this - Teresa is a mother. That’s just the way I feel, and you know I tell it like it is,” said Kim.

The Posche boutique owner explained that she spends more time at home with her dogs than Teresa does with her four daughters. Kim says that she has heard through the grapevine that Teresa’s two oldest daughters are “picking up all the slack” in the house while Teresa is out.

Kim also claims that when Teresa got home from prison in December 2015, she found out that Joe had cheated on her while she was away, so she decided to do some cheating of her own. Kim says that Teresa had a boyfriend named Shane Wierks, and Teresa has also been seeing other men while Joe was in prison because he did it to her, and she felt she had the right to do it.

Kim D says that she knows for a fact that Teresa is currently dating 26-year-old Blake Schreck, who went to high school with Kim’s son’s girlfriend. Kim revealed that Teresa met Blake through her hairdresser, Lucia.

Teresa’s love life isn’t the only thing Kim discussed. She also dished on Melissa Gorga, calling her “the best liar” she has ever met in her life, and she and her brother-in-law are “very good at conning people.” And, she claims that Melissa has gotten to where she is today because of her ability to make people believe in her.

Kim says that Melissa’s entire lifestyle is about ripping people off and hurting others. She explained that when Joe has a construction project, he will hire subcontractors to do different jobs and then not pay them because he didn’t like the work.

“To get where they are today, they hurt a lot of the little people, they put a lot of people out of business. Joe Giudice did not get away with it, neither did Teresa Giudice. But, the Gorgas did,” said Kim.

Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus, but the ladies have begun filming for Season 10 to catch all the deportation drama.


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