RHONJ: Teresa Giudice Blasted By Social Media For Dieting With Teen Daughters

RHONJ: Teresa Giudice Blasted By Social Media For Dieting With Teen Daughters
Credit: Instagram

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was blasted on social media after she insinuated in an Instagram post that she and her teen daughters diet together.

Earlier this week Giudice shared a gorgeous picture her 14-year-old daughter, Milania. The photo is not what has fans in an uproar but rather the caption the mother of four used. In the shot, the reality TV star shared she, Milania and 15-year-old Gabriella were all using meal plans and coaching company to help with macros.

Oh yes, Giudice thanked Absolute Nutrition Counseling for helping her and the teen girls get their daily macros. The company is known for assisting people in making healthy meal choices and reaching their lifestyle goals. She also revealed in the caption all three ladies get personalized meal plans from Brielle Dahan.

Although the mother of four did not mention her daughters are on a diet, she did share her middle girls are ready for summer. The insinuation left social media outraged at the thought, Giudice was dieting along with the teen girls.

"too young to diet. She should be taught how to eat correctly. Knowing her mother she is advising her wrong," wrote @jennieweird

"It's sickening how such a young girl is dieting," @ cherylpowley

Other remarks slammed the reality TV star for being a bad mom and not letting her kids be kids, as well as blaming Giudice for putting her children on diets for vain reasons.

Even though social media has exploded with backlash, fans were in agreement that Milania looks stunning. The teen has grown up in the last couple of years, which could have to do with dieting or simply getting older.

Despite all the haters, several followers were quick to point out Giudice was merely teaching her kids about eating healthy and exercising. There is no indication in her message the girls are actually dieting but instead making smart food choices. Not all teens eat junk food and chow down on McDonald's.

Teresa Giudice's daughters are growing up right before viewers eyes. They are no longer the little munchkins running around like when the hit Bravo show first premiered. The recent picture of Milania is proof they are not little girls anymore but rather beautiful young women.

Ok, RHONJ fans sound off. Do you think Giudice is teaching her daughters to diet, or is she helping them learn a healthy lifestyle that involves eating right an exercising?


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