RHONJ - Jennifer Aydin Donates 5,000 Masks To Hospitals After Recovering From COVID-19

RHONJ - Jennifer Aydin Donates 5,000 Masks To Hospitals After Recovering From COVID-19
Credit: Source: Twitter

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin tested positive for COVID-19 in April after suffering from numerous symptoms - like massive headaches - and both her father and daughter tested positive for the virus, too. Now, everyone in her family has recovered, and the reality star is giving back to the healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic by donating 5,000 masks to hospitals in New Jersey and New York.

“When I had the coronavirus, I noticed that my masks were really flimsy at the time,” Aydin recently told Page Six . “Everyone was asking how I had contracted it or whatever and I was like, ‘I was just at the grocery store. That’s the only place that I went to.'”

Aydin says that after she recovered from the virus, she asked her husband - who is a plastic surgeon - to get her an N95 mask. Unfortunately, he didn't have access to the masks, and she thought if a doctor's wife was having difficulty getting her hands on the N95 masks, then "what about the average Joe?"

She started making some phone calls, and Aydin eventually connected with the manufacturer of her Ultimate Beauty Pillow and ordered 10,000 masks to support the local hospitals. Aydin says she didn't tell anyone about purchasing the masks because she didn't want to "jinx it." She wanted to make sure the shipment would come through, and once she had the masks in her possession she reached out to the New Jersey Governor's office so she could find out who needed them the most.

Aydin sent 3,000 masks to the Bergen New Bridge Center in Paramus, New Jersey, and then she contacted her family, friends, and RHONJ cast members to see if they were in need of the masks. Through an RHONJ producer, Ayding connected with New York's Lenox Hill Hospital and donated 2,000 masks to them.

The reality star says that she has also donated a thousand N95 masks to "just miscellaneous people" who have sent her DMs on social media begging her for help. Aydin says that every time she sees a new request, if she's able she will put some masks in an envelope. Then, either she or her assistant will go straight to the post office and ship the masks to those in need.

Because her husband is a surgeon, Aydin is also keeping some of the masks to give to her husband's patients at the Aydin Center for Plastic Surgery. She says that he is planning to re-open his business after the quarantine and stay-at-home order is lifted. She also revealed that they already have patients calling because "people want their Botox and their injectables."

Jennifer Aydin says that after recovering from the novel coronavirus she feels "great" and "as good as new." She says she is "so happy" that she didn't get the virus as worse as others because "it was a little scary for a minute."


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