‘RHONJ’ In Danger Of Being Canceled - Shooting Postponed After New Cast Member Flops

‘RHONJ’ In Danger Of Being Canceled - Shooting Postponed After New Cast Member Flops
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According to new reports, it sounds like the beloved reality TV series may be met with a tragic fate very soon! Apparently, The Real Housewives of New Jersey could be canceled. We have leaner that the reason why the show is in danger is the fact that one new cast member who was test-filming ended up not making the cut!

As you may know already, Siggy Flicker has quit RHONJ suddenly and the Bravo production team really struggled to find her the perfect replacement on such a short notice.

That being said, we have learned that they are trying their best to ‘go in a new direction’ by finding a New Jersey woman capable of standing her ground in front of the other cast members - Dolores Catania, Melisa Gorga, Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice.

Sadly, insiders on set have told us that they haven’t had any luck yet.

Despite the fact that they did find someone perfect for the role and she had already shot test scenes with the other housewives, things didn’t work out.

‘A new woman was test filming with the ladies, like a try-out, but she did not work. They’ve tried out a few other women, but none of them are working. Production’s completely held up. Filming was scheduled to start February 1 but now is going to start in March. And none of this is making the producers happy!’ one source explained.

Meanwhile, the other four ladies are really feeling the ‘pressure’ to change the atmosphere of the series.

As fans may remember, last season ended with a lot of fighting between them as well as with Staub’s cast event sex scandal!

‘The pressure to change the show’s resting with all of the ladies this time. Producers are still threatening to cancel the show for good if nothing works out,’ the insider stated.

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