'RHONJ' Dolores Catania Is Not Backing Down From Calling Danielle Staub A 'Scumbag'

'RHONJ' Dolores Catania Is Not Backing Down From Calling Danielle Staub A 'Scumbag'
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Dolores Catania has no regrets about how she handled her beef with Danielle Staub in Season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey . Days ahead of the Season 9 premiere, Catania revealed that she has made amends with Staub but does not regret calling her RHONJ co-star a "crazy scumbag" last season.

Catania dished on her feud with Staub during a chat with Page Six earlier this week. As fans will recall, the drama heated up after Staub bashed Catania and Teresa Giudice for loving money more than anything else. Catania retaliated by calling Staub a scumbag in front of the cameras.

Looking back at the drama, Catania thought her comments were justified because of Staub's behavior towards her and Giudice. Although Catania would not call Staub a scumbag now, she does not regret her original choice of words.

"She deserved for me to call her that, but it was in the moment," Catania shared.

Catania has reached out to Staub to make amends for what happened in Season 8. Catania says that she wished Staub well and hopes that her family is doing okay. She also admitted that she feels sorry for Staub, who experienced a lot of marital issues last season.

Staub tied the knot with Marty Caffrey last spring. The two sadly parted ways four months after the wedding.

Staub has not commented on Catania's recent interview, though the drama will likely play out on the new season of RHONJ .

As far as Catania is concerned, the RHONJ star recently opened up about how things are progressing in her life.

Dolores Catania revealed that her ex-husband, Frank, is still around but he is so busy that she hardly ever sees him. She also revealed that her relationship with her boyfriend, David, is still going strong, despite his busy schedule as a doctor.

New episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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